Musical Arts Education

University Level Music Curriculum

Music Theory

Students will gain a working knowledge of music theory.  This training will include reading music in both the treble and bass clef, time and meter, chords and chord structures, harmonic progressions, major and minor keys/key signatures, and other topics relating to the theory of music.  Students will also analyze popular music in order to discover which musical conventions are still common practice in the modern world.

Music Composition

Students will gain a working knowledge of various compositional techniques focusing on rhythm, harmony, and melody.  Students will compare and contrast compositional techniques from a wide variety of music including all types of popular music.  Students will have access to live performers in order to write their own music and have the music performed in front of an audience.

Music Appreciation

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles through listening exercises, live performances, and interactions with members of the greater Indianapolis area music community.  It is hoped that students will discover new and interesting types of music of which they were not previously aware.  Emphasis will be placed on cultural music traditions.  It is hoped that students will gain an understanding of the similarities within different musical traditions thereby gaining a deeper understanding of the individuals creating the music. 

Music Production

Students will gain a working knowledge of digital music production techniques by utilizing sequencing software.  This knowledge is vital for any student wishing to embark on a career in music production.  Interested students will also be given training in the use of music notation software. 

Instrumental Performance

Interested students will acquire basic keyboard skills. A scholarship program has been created for students interested in learning how to play other instruments. Students are connected with teachers within the greater Indianapolis area based on the instrument type and training requirements.